Saturday, November 20, 2010

Halloween! MUAWAHAHAHHA!!!

How many of you shop at the last minute for costumes and do the school with a book thing, then drag you kids around the neighborhood forging for Hershey's chocolate and getting bubble gum?! lolol, I know right, I do that! I learned a few tricks of the Halloween trade over the years that really work. I shop for the following year the day after Halloween! I found costumes 2 weeks after Halloween for 45 cents this year! Many of the books that matched the costumes such as Harry Potter, Where The Wild Things Are, Disney Princesses and Tinker Bell were also on sale. I also found that by having a neighborhood Halloween party the kids aren't as needy for candy on the night of Trick-or-Treating. Honestly, they had more fun at the party then they did forging for candy. It also gave the opportunity to teach them about the holiday itself. What it is about, the different ways it is celebrated in other countries and why. Like the Day of the Dead parades in many South American countries such as Mexico and Sowen Feasts in many European cultures. Bring the fun back to All Hollows Eve and learn a little about spiritual celebrations with your family too.