Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Psychic Connections

Being a psychic and a Mom, of coarse I have a connection with my children. I know when to worry and when it is something not so important. I feel their fear when they scrap their knees, ok, well, that might not be so cool. But I have noticed as they get older they have a connection with me as well. I guess it works both ways. My oldest children finish my sentences now. Sometimes we don't even finish whole sentences because we know what is being said and the answers too! It is kind of cool sometimes. People who know us think we are strange, and people who don't know us think we are even stranger. Even better they knew the perfect gift for Mom on Mothers Day, SLEEP! I noticed I'm not the only one. Other Psychics I know seem to be able to connect with their children as well, and with their parents too. I never realized it until recently. I guess I always thought it was normal. I never gave it much thought when I was young. How my Mother and my Grandmother and I would spend our Sunday mornings cooking and laughing, yet we barely spoke a word and clearly understood the conversations. Amazing what one can learn from simple observations of their life when posed with a question, better yet, the depth that can be realized when we apply it to those around us too. What is it like being a psychic and a Mom? Interesting, fun and unique!

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